ROSS MCCARTHY.  CEO.   Ross was born in Manchester to wannabe showbiz parents, his mum was a model and dancer, his dad was briefly a 1970's TV Cop who went on to hit the heady heights of being a regular extra on Coronation Street - playing 'Man at Bar' watching the continuity of his pint to the left of Jack Duckworth.  

Descended from Romany Gypsies on one side, and an Irish boxing family on the other, Ross grew up on a (fairly pleasant) council estate in Kent with a sun-bed in the house (you know what model mums are like) and for many years, including all of his teens and his first year at University, had a permanent sun tan.  

After losing his Danny Dyer'esque accent through education and his wife having had a decade's worth of RP training (drama school does that to you), Ross went on to initially focus on Entertainment Format development before being drawn in to production as an Executive Producer on reality and entertainment formats.  He has worked as a creative at some of the UK's leading production companies, including BBC Entertainment, ITV Studios, Wall to Wall and Twenty Twenty.  

Ross is the lead Executive Producer across all of Gobstopper's output, including Just Tattoo Of Us Series 1 - 4 and Just Tattoo Of Us USA, as well as recent social media driven reality series Single AF, all for MTV.  He spends his spare time walking his dog Knut on their preferred walking route around Shoreditch.